Our Daily Routine



A Typical Day

7.30am to 8am

Children start to arrive


We gather all our stuff ready to leave for the day


We are usually travelling to our destination either by foot, car, bus, train


Snack time


Child-led activities mean we never know what each day may bring. This could be a day out to a national trust park, a Forest School day, visiting a farm, having a picnic in the park, could it be a day at the aquarium or the science museum?

Could it be a visit to the bird sanctuary or the beach or a hidden cave? Or will we be helping out with some gardening at the local community garden or allotment?  Or could it just be a quieter day at the setting in the garden with the mud kitchen making mud pies, or making real mud pies out of chocolate?

Could it be drawing on the wooden climbing frame, or just sat in the tree house reading a quiet book? (Not all activities can be notified in advance as child led means we may have to change our plans. But you will be notified when either picking up your child, or visiting the blog page on the website or Facebook page)


Lunch time! We are so hungry after such a busy morning and can’t wait for our lunch. We get the picnic blanket out or lay the table at the setting. We wash our hands and mouths and after eating lunch. We always help pack away so we have space to go and play


Stories, Rhymes and Music or we can continue where we left off before lunch


We are usually travelling back from our day trip out or we could be filling in our scrapbook about all the wonderful things we have seen and done, followed by a circle time to talk about how we are feeling and what we enjoyed best about our day


We start to pack away, and prepare to gather our things ready to go home, putting on our coats and shoes and collecting all our things including, drawings, paintings, cooking,and other things we might have made, and the things we’ve collected from the natural world like our sticks etc, ready to take home for the day


Children go home and get to tell their families about everything they have been up to, and show them all the things they have made.